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Amit Tamang | Owner

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Amit has over 20 years experience in almost all aspects of tourism industry. He specializes in trekking in the Annapurna, Everest, Manasulu and Dhaulagiri region. Driven by the philosophy of 'To strive to seek to find and not to yield', he desires to conquer every trails and tracks of the mountains and is passionate about his travel business. A very friendly and honest man, Amit takes pride in sharing his knowledge to fellow adventurers openly making sure their journey is safe and pleasurable. My inspiration? I get inspirations from nature, the mountains, the sights and sounds. I want to show how beautiful Nepal is. Through my business or I want every traveler to get an experience of a lifetime and I must sav I am ver passionate about it.

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Keshav Gurung | Owner

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Keshav ha gathered experience of more than 17 years in tourism industry. He has a great passion for trekking and capturing mesmerizing beauty in his camera A great lover of the outdoors and adventures of every kind loves to sing playing his guitar. A very kind and friendly person is a father of one. Exploring new places has always been his passion and always gets excited before he embarks on a journey. My inspiration? The mountains, the people | meet when | travel inspires me. | always |! want to get up close with nature and trekking is one way of doing it. | just want to show what a wonderful world it is to my fellow traveler.

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At Polar Trekking & Expedition Pvt. Ltd., our team is not just a group of individuals; we are a family united by a shared passion for exploration, adventure, and creating unforgettable experiences. With diverse backgrounds, extensive knowledge, and unwavering enthusiasm, our team is the backbone that ensures every journey with us is exceptional and memorable.

Experienced Guides and Local Experts: Our team of experienced guides is more than just navigators; they are storytellers, historians, and nature enthusiasts rolled into one. With a deep understanding of the terrains, cultures, and hidden gems of Nepal, our guides will lead you on a journey of discovery that goes beyond the ordinary. Their expertise ensures that every trek, climb, and adventure is not just safe, but also infused with insights that add depth to your experience.

Passionate Support Staff: Behind the scenes, our passionate support staff works tirelessly to make every aspect of your journey seamless and enjoyable. From planning itineraries that suit your preferences to ensuring comfortable accommodations and logistics, our support team ensures that your focus remains solely on soaking in the beauty and thrill of Nepal.

Committed to Your Safety and Comfort: Your safety and comfort are our utmost priority. Our team undergoes regular training and follows international standards to ensure that every adventure is conducted with the highest level of safety. We understand that your journey should be filled with joy, excitement, and peace of mind, which is why our team is dedicated to addressing every need and concern you may have.

Sharing Our Love for the Outdoors: The members of our team are not just professionals; they are outdoor enthusiasts who share a deep love for nature and adventure. This genuine passion translates into the personalized experiences we curate for you. Whether it's a hidden trail, a breathtaking vista, or a cultural gem, our team's enthusiasm for exploration ensures that your journey with us is marked by moments of awe and inspiration.

Creating Memories Together: As we guide you through the enchanting landscapes of Nepal, we don't just create experiences; we create memories that last a lifetime. Our team is dedicated to being a part of these cherished memories - from the laughter shared around a campfire to the triumphant moments atop a mountain peak. We are with you every step of the way, celebrating victories and overcoming challenges as a united team.

Get Ready to Explore with Us: With a team that's driven by dedication, fueled by passion, and united by a common love for adventure, Polar Trekking & Expedition Pvt. Ltd. is more than just a company - it's a group of kindred spirits working together to make your dreams of exploration come true. Join us as we embark on journeys that go beyond maps and compasses, and let our team be your trusted companions in discovering the awe-inspiring beauty of Nepal.
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