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Chitwan National Park



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Duration3 days


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Group Size2 +

Trip StartsPokhara

Trip EndsPokhara

Group StyleGroup and Private


Best SeasonOctober - March


Overview about Chitwan National Park

Central Reservation, Royal Chitwan National Park, is one of the best in Asia and holds a place of pride in the world Heritage List. This National Park preserves a unique ecosystem of significant value to the entire nepaln Subcontinent. It covers an area of 932 sq. km. This great jungle is situated in the Inner Terai Lowlands on the foot-hills of Great Himalayas. Here, even now, you can feel the spirit of the time of the great explorers of the gone-by days. Chitwan National Park Tiger Camp Sauraha canoe ride Tharu cultural dance Jungle Drive

This park conserves more than 50 species of the mammals and 525 out of total estimated 852 specifies of birds found in Nepal. More than 123 species of butterflies found in lowlands, out of some 645 species recorded in Nepal, are found in this National Park.

There may be many more species of butterflies in this National Park. It is for you to find-out. There are 45 species of amphibians and reptiles. But for the bird lovers the main attractions are endangered species of birds such as Bengal florican, darters, giant hornbills, black and white storks and great nepaln sarus. This park is specially renowned for the protection of endangered one horned rhinoceros and tigers.

At present the estimated population of the rhinos is 460 in this National Park, which may be slightly more than one-third of the total world population of the last remains of this pre-historic mammals. This Figer fluctuates slight as some rhinos are transfer to Bardiya and Sulklafat. In 1989 Census, 25 royal Bengal tigers and 40 tigresses were recorded in this park. There are many other species of rare wildlife in this park such as gaur-bisons, wild elephants, four horned antelopes, pangolins, dolphins, monitor lizards and pythons etc.Chitwan National Park Tiger Camp Sauraha canoe ride Tharu cultural dance Jungle Drive

Canoeing starts in front of Tiger Camp Tiger Swims in the National Park Python Devouring Spotted Deer- (A P A -P)

Other species of wild animals found in the park are sambar deer, chitals, hog, deer, barking deer, sloth bears, common leopards, wild dogs, langur and rhesus monkeys, etc. This park has saved “Gharial” crocodiles from being extinct. The Gharial Breeding Center is now a major tourist attraction. But the main tourist attraction is the Elephant Breeding Center of Sauraha. It is said to be one of the only 3 in the world. Viewing of actual mating is an unique experience and playing with the baby elephants is great fun. There are two museums in the National Park (one in Sauraha and the other in Park H.Q., Kasara).

The Seasons and the Weather
Winter is a little bit cold at night in Chitwan, but very pleasantly warm during the day. Summer is slightly hot. The Monsoon usually begins from mid-June and continues until mid-September. Because of the heavy rain-fall during this time, the rivers are flooded. But the lush green of the scenery is something special, which you never see in any other seasons.


Day 0: Elephant ride

One can monitor wildlife activities in the deep jungle while sitting back on an Elephant. The duration of the elephant back safari is about 1 hour but you can hire an Elephant as long as you wish in additional price. Elephant ride is the most pleasant activities in the park. You may not want to miss the opportunity to explore Elephant breeding center where number of elephants are kept for reproducing purpose only.

Day 0: Bird watching

The Chitwan National Park is the realm of more than 450 species of birds. Most people consider it as a heaven of the bird world. The best way to explore and study the different bird’s activities and behave is to walk with a guide along the riverside of Royal Chitwan National park. Tiger Camp’s expert bird watcher will guide you to view the colourful birds early in the morning; simultaneously you can enjoy sunrise tour.

Day 0: Jungle Drive

Jeep safari is a fastest way to discover the wide range of forest area in the Chitwan National Park. You will be in the dense forest after four hour’s jeep drives which takes you about 50 kilometers inside the park, passing all sorts of vegetation and wildlife. As it is goes through the deep jungle and covers big area, the chances of discovering wildlife are high. Jeep safari is not only fastest way to discover wild activities but also it is safe. It is the very exciting programme. You will be drive towards the crocodile breeding farm while going through jungle drive.

Day 0: Night Walk or Jungle Walk

Night Walk or Jungle Walk tour allows you to explore several different habitat areas, from the flood-plain grassland to the dense Sal forests, where you get the opportunity to encounter different animals sight at your own pace. Since it disturbs the animals, less to walk through the forest, it is usually a better chance for discovering wildlife. You may learn about different kind of plants and herbs in the National park that might be useful sometime. The guide can explain about the wild animals, birds, trees, herbs and even reptiles.

Day 0: Dugout canoe ride

Floating down to Rapti River on a dugout canoe is the best way to discover the habitat of crocodiles in the river. It is also a relaxing and better way to watch the different kind of birds and wildlife species, while they are drinking water in the bank of river Rapti.

Day 0: Tharu cultural dance

A melodious ethnic dance performed by men and women with rhyme or drums. The clashing of sticks represents and performance how to keep away the rhinos and other wild animals from the human habitat and their farming land. You can enjoy your evening after dinner and watch the Tharu Stick Dance. Tiger Camp will arrange dance for your enjoyment adjacent to their restaurant.

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